Afrotropical Butterflies



2,505 813 square km

Endemic Butterflies [6 species]

Capys bamptoni  Henning & Henning, 1988
Charaxes amandae Rydon, 1989
Chloroselas taposana Riley, 1932
Lepidochrysops albilinea Tite, 1959
Lepidochrysops nigrita Tite, 1959
Leptomyrina sudanica Stempffer, 1964

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
Bengangai Game Reserve (Waring, 1992)

Protected areas:

Arkawit Wildlife Sanctuary
Arkawit-Sinkat Wildlife Sanctuary
Ashana Game Reserve
Bandingilo National Park
Bengangai Game Reserve
Bire Kpatuos Game Reserve
Boma National Park
Chelkou Game Reserve
Dinder National Park
Fanyikango Island Game Reserve
Jebel Gurgei Massif Game Reserve
Juba Game Reserve
Khartoum Sunt Forest Wildlife Sanctuary
Kidepo Game Reserve
Mbarizunga Game Reserve
Mongalla Game Reserve
Nimule National Park
Numatina Game Reserve
Radom National Park
Rahad Game Reserve
Red Sea Hills Game Reserve
Sabaloka Game Reserve
Sanganeb Atoll Marine National Park
Shambe National Park
Southern National Park
Tokar Game Reserve
Zeraf Game Reserve


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