Afrotropical Butterflies



637,140 square km

Endemic Butterflies [5 species]

Cesa waggae (Sharpe, 1898)
Chloroselas ogadenensis Jackson, 1966
Cigaritis gilletti Riley, 1925
Euchrysops migiurtiniensis Stempffer, 1946
Neocoenyra rufilineata Butler, 1894

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
None known to me.

Protected areas:

Alifuuto (Arbowerow) Nature Reserve
Balcad Nature Reserve
Belet Wein Partial Game Reserve
Bulo Burti Partial Game Reserve
Bushbush Game Reserve
Geedkabehleh Game Reserve
Jowhar Partial Game Reserve
Mandera Game Reserve
Mogadishu Game Reserve
Oddur Partial Game Reserve


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