Afrotropical Butterflies



453 square km

Endemic Butterflies [3 species]

Belenois aldabrensis (Holland, 1896)
Euploea mitra Moore, 1858
Phalanta philiberti (de Joannis, 1893)

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
None known to me.

Protected areas:

Aldabra Special Nature Reserve (WHS) King Ross Nature Reserve
Aride Island Special Nature Reserve La Digue Veuve Special Nature Reserve, La Digue
Baie Ternaie Marine Natonal Park Les Mamelles Nature Reserve
Beacon Island Nature Reserve, Mahe Morne Seychellois National Park, Mahe
Booby or Ils aux Fous Nature Reserve Port Launay Marine Natonal Park
Boudeuse Nature Reserve Praslin National Park
Cousin Island Special Nature Reserve Silhouette Marine Natonal Park
Curieuse Marine Natonal Park St. Anne Marine Natonal Park, Mahe
Etoile Nature Reserve Vallee de Mai National Park, Praslin
Ile au Vauche Nature Reserve  


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