Afrotropical Butterflies



196,840 square km

Endemic Butterflies [1 species]

Chilades serrula (Mabille, 1890)

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
None known to me.

Protected areas:

Bandia Game Reserve
Basse-Casamance National Park
Bassin du Ndiael Ramsar Wetland
Delta du Saloum National Park
Djoudj National Park
Ferlo-Nord Faunal Reserve
Ferlo-Sud Faunal Reserve
Gueumbeul Special Faunal Reserve
Iles de la Madeleine National Park
Kalissaye Special Reserve
Langue de Barbarie National Park
Madeleines Island National Park
Maka-Diama Hunting Reserve
Ndiael Faunal Reserve
Niokolo-Koba National Park
Popenguine Special Faunal Reserve
Samba Dia Classified Forest


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