Afrotropical Butterflies



798,800 square km

Endemic Butterflies [3 species]

Acraea dondoensis Stevenson, 1934
Cephetola australis Libert, 1999
Teriomima williami Henning & Henning, 2004

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
None known to me.

Protected areas:

Banhine National Park
Bazaruto Archipelago National Park
Gile Game Reserve
Gorongosa National Park
Ilhas da Inhaca e dos Portugueses Faunal Reserve
Limpopo Valley Wildlife Utilization Area
Maputo Elephant Reserve
Marromeu National Park
Niassa National Park
Paradise Island Marine National Park
Pomene Game Reserve
Zambezi Wildlife Utilization Area
Zinhave National Park


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