Afrotropical Butterflies



118,485 square km

Endemic Butterflies [16 species]

Alaena lamborni Gifford, 1965
Alaena ochracea Gifford, 1965
Axiocerses bamptoni Henning & Henning, 1996
Axiocerses karinae Henning & Henning, 1996
Baliochila nyasae Stempffer & Bennett, 1953
Baliochila woodi (Riley, 1943)
Charaxes dowsetti Henning, 1989
Charaxes martini van Someren, 1966
Cooksonia aliciae Talbot, 1935
Cymothoe melanjae Bethune-Baker, 1926
Cymothoe zombana Bethune-Baker, 1926
Euphaedra murphyi Hecq, 1991
Iolaus handmani (Gifford, 1965)
Mimacraea costleyi Druce, 1912
Neocoenyra bioculata Carcasson, 1964
Pentila carcassoni Stempffer & Bennett, 1961

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
Liwonde National Park (Dudley, 1992)

Protected areas:

Kasungu National Park
Lake Malawi National Park
Lengwe National Park
Liwonde National Park
Majete Wildlife Reserve
Mwabvi Wildlife Reserve
Nkhota-Kota Wildlife Reserve
Nyika National Park
Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve


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