Afrotropical Butterflies



245,857 square km

Endemic Butterflies [7 species]

Aslauga guineensis Collins & Libert, 1997
Euphaedra occulta Hecq, 1982
Euphaedra pallas Hecq, 2004
Iolaus djaloni Collins & Larsen, 1998
Lepidochrysops labeensis Larsen & Warren-Gash, 2000
Pentila bennetti Collins & Larsen, 2003
Pseudaletis malangi Collins & Larsen, 1995

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
Kounounkan Massif (Barnett, et al., 1993)
Parc National du Haut Niger (Larsen & Mei, 1998)

Protected areas:

Badiar National Park
Massif du Ziama Strict Nature Reserve
Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve


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