Afrotropical Butterflies



267,667 square km

Endemic Butterflies [24 species]

Anthene erythropoecilus (Holland, 1893)
Anthene lychnaptes (Holland, 1891)
Anthene melambrotus (Holland, 1893)
Anthene tisamenus (Holland, 1891)
Bebearia castanea (Holland, 1893)
Bebearia faraveli Oremans, 1998
Bebearia tini Oremans, 1998
Cerautola stempfferi (Jackson, 1962)
Cupidesthes paludicola (Holland, 1891)
Eresiomera cornucopiae (Holland, 1892)
Eresiomera mapongwa (Holland, 1893)
Euphaedra abri Faravel, 2005
Euphaedra limbourgi Oremans, 2006
Euphaedra sabinae Faravel, 2002
Euphaedra vandeweghei Hecq, 2004
Falcuna melandeta (Holland, 1893)
Iolaus carina Hewitson, 1873
Iridana gabunica Stempffer, 1964
Micropentila villiersi Stempffer, 1970
Osmodes adonides Miller, 1971
Pentila umbra Holland, 1892
Pseuderesia cornucopiae (Holland, 1892)
Pseuderesia mapongua (Holland, 1893)
Sarangesa motozioides Holland, 1892


Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
Reserve de la Lope-Okanda (Oremans, 1995)

Protected areas:

Akanda National Park
Ipassa-Makokou Strict Nature Reserve
Ivindo National Park
Loango National Park
Lope National Park
Mayumba National Park
Minkebe National Park
Mont Birougou National Park
Monts de Cristal National Park
Moukalaba-Doudou National Park
Mwagne National Park
Plateaux Bateke
Pongara National Park
Waka National Park
Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve


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