Afrotropical Butterflies


Equatorial Guinea

28,051 square km

Endemic Butterflies [10 species]

Bebearia eremita Hecq, 2006
Bicyclus feae (Aurivillius, 1910)
Cymothoe owassae Schultze, 1916
Eresiomera phaeochiton (Grünberg, 1910)
Euphaedra alava Hecq, 2000
Euphaedra canui Hecq, 1987
Euriphene canui Hecq, 1987
Hypophytala obscura (Schultze, 1916)
Ornipholidotos tessmani Libert, 2005
Papilio fernandus Fruhstorfer, 1903

Butterfly checklists for protected areas:
None known to me.

Protected areas:
None known to me.


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